Nice Stuff People Have Said About Me

Kaitlin takes leadership seriously and she role models servant leadership ever so gracefully. 
She asks before she tells, she listens before she speaks, she reflects before she projects, and she gives abundantly. She is a learner, always interested learning from the experiences of others. Her commitment to quality work was always consistent and impressive. Kaitlin is also a gifted communicator. Her writing is clear and impactful, her interpersonal skills are empowering, and her presentation skills are engaging. She is sincerely interested in the growth and wellbeing of others. I see in Kaitlin, a woman who passionately wants to affect change in the world and in the lives of others.

Dr. Jackie Freiberg

Business Speaker on Leadership, Engagement/Culture and Innovation

Kaitlin is an inspiring motivator and amazing leader. She was one of my swimming coaches at the University of San Diego and I continue to look to her as a mentor. Kaitlin worked tirelessly to help my team become better swimmers, but she also helped us develop into strong and confident women. She taught us the value of being positive and intentional. She taught us to see the beauty within ourselves and others. In the world of competitive swimming at the NCAA Division 1 level, there is a lot of pressure. Kaitlin would mitigate this by teaching us to visualize, and even adding fun things like dancing as a team to Shakira. I truly believe that Kaitlin helped us reach our potential. The lessons that I have learned from her continue in the next chapter of my life as a law student. She truly has empowered me in so many ways.

Taylor Noonan

Student of Liberty School of Law

Former USD Swimmer

Kaitlin strikes me with her strong interpersonal skills and her dedication to improving the life of those around her. As a coach, Kaitlin is called on to support students who range considerably in their development. Her greatest strength is her ability to bring teams together and motivate and encourage each athlete to achieve her best. Coaching a swim team is difficult because it is both an individual and team sport. Kaitlin’s challenge is to engage students to commit to the team when they have been trained to focus as individuals. When a coach is successful in achieving the team mentality, student athlete satisfaction and production increases. Because of Kaitlin’s strength in managing the team dynamic, she is relied on heavily to create and implement programs that enhance the team mentality. She has taken advantage of a number of other professional development opportunities and I have seen in each instance how her enthusiasm and skills have been enhanced by these experiences.

Shaney Fink

Director of Athletics at Seattle University

Former Senior Associate Director of Athletics at University of San Diego

I had the opportunity to participate in a group yoga/body movement exercise lead by Kaitlin and it was excellent! Kaitlin’s ability to lead the group with direct and encouraging instructions and her passion for the art of movement and yoga was contagious. The effects of the exercise on clearing my mind and the awareness I was able to gain about my body was greatly needed as I proceeded with my day. I would love to attend a class lead by Kaitlin in the future!

Bo Bae

Participant in the USD Higher Education Leadership Summit